Top quality for tasty, healthful meals bursting with energy.

Great food. At work. In your company. For your staff.


Our “That's My Kitchen” program focuses on using top ingredients to create delicious, convenient meals for the working world. We use local and seasonal sourcing to ensure the highest quality and freshness of our food. Only the best ingredients go into TMK products.
That’s My Kitchen!

TMK provides healthful food at your workplace: high quality meals in your company that make your staff healthier and deliver a natural energy boost when it’s needed.

That's how fine food is made:

Our chefs



Marketa Schellenberg, known from numerous TV appearances, likes to cook natural, honest ingredients. The trained cook does not only work at the stove, but also lectures on the subject of nutrition. 



Stephan Giannangeli is a coryphae at the stove and surprises with ever-new innovative recipe ideas, which make every gourmet happy. The use of regional and high-quality food is particularly important for the former kitchen chef of a bio hotel.




TMK is a Green Chefs partner