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good nutrition is not a coincidence.

Hi, my name is Frauke. Six years ago I developed a special awareness for food. Since then my interest in this topic grew steadily. So, I made my passion my profession and studied Ecotrophology. One part of it was to help people in a hospital with nutrient relevant problems. I am almost a Nerd when it comes to the relation of food to various illnesses and the impact of a plant based nutrition. I spend a lot of time studying books and papers. I think it is fascinating to watch – and experience – the difference good food can make.



nutrition, is your base.

Welcome dear friends of fine flavors. It’s me, Christian. I am 28 years old and a Bachelor of Ecotrophology, trained fitness coach, hobby chef and therefore the person you can ask everything about a healthy lifestyle. Sports and food, especially cooking, are my burning passion. I love to adapt my nutrition to my sporting goals. I tried many different forms of nutrition, so I have a large pool of experience. If you have any questions, about sport nutrition, or general questions about food, please do not hesitate and send me an email.


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